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Introduction to AI

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

What is AI?
Artificial Intelligence is:
  • Capable of executing tasks intelligently without being explicitly instructed
  • Capable of thinking and acting rationally and humanely

Neural Networks

Natural Language Processing is:

  • The application of computational linguistics to build real-world applications which work with languages comprising varying structures 
  • Used to understand and interpret the human language to the machine.
  • All of us have come across Google’s keyboard which suggests auto-corrects, word predicts (words that could be used), and more. It uses ML algorithms to suggest the right vocabulary, tonality, and much more, to make sure that the content written is professionally apt, and captures the total attention of the reader.
  • Translation systems use language modeling to work efficiently with multiple languages.

Computer Vision

It is a field of study that seeks to enable computing systems to understand and process digital pictures, videos, displays, etc., and behaves as if they have a vision just as other living beings have.

Computer vision” is an overarching term and includes the following tasks:
  • Image classification – It labels an image based on the object in the image.
  • Object detection/localization/segmentation –Detects an object in an image and localizes it using a bounding box.
  • Segmentation– It is a pixel-wise classification to give the separation of the objects.
  • Similarity learning – Which two images are similarly based on the content of the image?
  • Image captioning – Describing the image (combines NLP with computer vision)
  • Generative modeling – Generate images based on the style of another image
  • Video analysis – Processes the entire set of digital frames for object detection and tracking.
Face Recognition


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