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Reading Habits

Here are tips to help you cultivate a better and consistent reading habit:

  • Reading habits help in all-round development of a person from his birth to death. Reading habit adds new sight to eye and new wisdom to mind.  
  • Determine Your Reading Goal. Credit. ...
  • Make a List of Books for Each Month. ... Each Week. ... Each Day. ...
  • Read at Least 10-20 Pages a Day. ...
  • Invest in Tools that Encourage Reading. ...
  • Set Reading Times and Days. ...
  • Get a Reading Partner or Book Club.
  • Now a few of us follow the traditional way of reading books but this system has smarter these days.
  • We now use modified devices for reading. For example: Laptop computer, Tablet computer, e Book reader, Smartphone, etc.
Purpose of Reading

  • Develops speech and language
  • Reading habits stimulates the thoughts and cultivate natural curiosity.
  • Someone will never feel alone if she/he has a company book.
  • Reading Brings a radical change in the outlook of a person.

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